The Milford Exploring Law Enforcement Post has as a part of its mission dedicated itself to serving the community of Milford. The Milford Explorers have volunteered hundreds of hours of projects doing just that.

The Explorers have received National recognition with the successful KidCare Project. The KidCare Project was developed by the Kodak Corporation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Project involved fingerprinting and photography young children and giving that information to the child's parent. This information can then be given to the authorities in the event the child is missing. The Milford Explorers have fingerprinted and photographed over 1,000 children during the last three years at KidCare events sponsored by the Ben Franklin Savings Bank.

The Milford Explorers are currently working on a program call KinderVision. KinderVision was created in April of 1991 as a result of work the program founder performed on behalf of Leticia Hernandez, a seven year old kidnapping and murder victim of the San Diego area. The found assisted in developing a citizen's committee to raise reward fund monies for her return and the arrest of the perpetrator(s). Her killer is still at large. Each participating family receives a free copy of the KinderVision child safety video which is designed to be used as a resource in the home for parents to teach their children how to be safe when they are not with them. At the KinderVision events, children are video recorded for parents' safekeeping.


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